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Our Consultants

Black and white photo of jara with head back laughing toward the sun

Jara Dean-Coffey


Founder &

Lead Consultant

Black and white photo of Linda smiling into camera against a backdrop of leaves

Linda W. Helstowski


Knowledge Curator

Madeline Brandt smiles directly at the camera

Madeline Brandt, MPH


Matteah Spencer Reppart stands in front of a brick wall. She smiles to the side

Matteah Spencer Reppart, MA


Black and white photo of Marcia smiling into camera twirling a scarf

Marcia Coné


Lead Consultant,

EEF Practice

Black and white photo of Kerry, arms crossed and leaning against a wall, laughing

Kerry McHugh

Knowledge Curator

Yen Chau smiles at the camera. She is in front of a wall of plants

Yen Chau, PhD


Kim Leonard is sitting behind a laptop and smiles to her side.

Kim Leonard, MPA


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