Learn, inquire, reflect

we are co-learning and evolving this work as we go

Equitable evaluation is not an ends, but a means. The resources below are shared to stimulate our thinking, to support our inquiry and reflection of current practices, and to evolve this work together. Keep checking back on these pages to see new resources as they are shared and developed across the field.

Why should you pursue EE? These resources help you make the case for yourself or your team.

What's pushing the field towards EE? Illuminating resources from across the field.

We are learning as we go. Read about what current EEI projects are learning.

Resources from the field coming soon:


How do you begin? We are currently prototyping tools that we hope to release soon. Stay tuned!


Integrating EE into practice. Ways in which EE is being built into something systematic and structural.

Stay up to date on EEI learning and resources.

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