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The Equitable Evaluation Framework™ is a gateway to understand and reimagine how we know what we know. We do this through practice (a multi-year, multimodal approach) and praxis (from understanding theory and context to adopting new and different ways).

illustration of threading and weaving a sustained practice and readiness

We call this the Practice Partner Pathway.

We intentionally call this a practice because unlearning and learning takes time, and muscle memory evolves.

Illustration of how the practice partner pathway starts first with your heart and mind, shifts to behaviors, and ultimately lands on structures

The Practice Partner Pathway is a multi-year, multimodal approach, rooted in the adoption and application of the EEF. The Pathway offers context, coaching, camaraderie, and collaboration, using evaluation as a starting point to expand ways of knowing. Practice allows time and space for attention to how we align our stated values, aims, and intentions with the framework. It is learning to do something and evolving that learning over time with conscious intent. Practice Partners and Practitioners primarily include people from U.S. foundations .

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illustration of a hummingbird in a flower
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