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Become an Equitable Evaluation Framework™ (EEF) Practice Partner

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Foundations play a unique role in the philanthropic ecosystem—influencing and being influenced by grant partners, beneficiaries, and the fields and sectors in which they operate. The Equitable Evaluation Framework (EEF) offers an opportunity for foundations to shift. 


As an EEF Practice Partner, you join more than 200 leaders from more than 40 foundations across the Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) ecosystem in exploring the practice of the EEF to support the adoption of Equitable Evaluation Principles. This is a collective effort rooted in relationship, trust, reciprocity, and respect.


EEI’s commitment and intention remains steadfast:

to grow a field of EEF practitioners.

  • What is the Equitable Evaluation Framework™ (EEF)?
    The EEF invites alignment of purpose, practices, processes, and policies with stated values and intentions, specifically within the context of the U.S. philanthropic sector. It is a set of Principles, Orthodoxies, Mindsets, Tensions, and Sticking Points and invites those in practice to be, think, and do differently. The Framework offers space to ask questions and learn from and with each other in ways that inform recommendations, actions, and decisions to align with aims and intentions.
  • What does being an "EEF Practice Partner" mean?
    Your foundation selects up to six members of your team to join people from other foundations in discovery, learning, and unlearning. The participating team members can (and are encouraged to) be from across your organization. The EEF can be and is being applied across organizations to support research, evaluation, and learning (of course!), as well as strategy, investment, operations, grantmaking, and communications. We intentionally call this a practice because unlearning and learning takes time, and muscle memory evolves. As such, varying aspects of the elements may be applicable and useful at different times and moments. The invitation is to practice the EEF with intention and attention—to consider where there may be an entry point or opportunity to explore one of the EEF Principles.
  • Who can be a Practice Partner?
    Today, our Practice Partner classes are primarily geared toward foundations in the United States. See the map of our Practice Partners and Practitioners. Practice Partners have included health foundations and large and small foundations—some you have heard of, others you may not have.
  • What is the time commitment for Practice Partners?
    Practice Partners commit to a two-year journey that includes: an orientation, three 1-hour coaching sessions per year, five 1.5 hour Peer2Peer Collaboratory conversations per year, and regular affinity group conversations with peers in the practice. These are all held virtually on Zoom.
  • What are the responsibilities of a Practice Partner during this time?
    EEF Practice Partners commit to the following: Make explicit the how of advancing the Equitable Evaluation Principles (like finding other champions within your organization and normalizing discussion around validity, objectivity, and rigor) Share your experiences, learnings, materials, and approach to advance the the EEF with the Practice Partner community Promote and amplify the EEF among your networks Bring your full selves to the practice
  • What might the Practice Partners expect as additional support from EEI?
    There are a mix of internally focused supports and field-facing communications and connections curated by the EEI Team. These include: Access for up to 6 members of your team to Common Grounds, our online reflection and learning space for Partners Resource co-creation (the EEF is literally co-created with Practice Partners!) Periodic e-updates that share tidbits, ah-ha's and more Connections to other EEF Practice Partners Communications toolkit Inclusion as case examples in or co-authors of publications The occasional virtual and in-person gatherings (we do enjoy a good conversation and hangout!) EEF Practice Partner website badge
  • How much does this cost?
    The annual fee for Practice Partners is $25,000.00 per year.
  • When does the Practice begin?
    In September 2024, the first classes begin. We will continue onboarding new Practice Partners through February 2025. (And also...we shift and change as the work requires.)
  • How do I sign my foundation up?
    Complete this form, and we will be in touch.

Need help making the case to become an EEF Practice Partner in your organization? Download a PDF with more information.

This is what current Practice Partners have to say about
being in practice with others.

This is what current Practice Partners have to say about the EEF.

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