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Kim Leonard's headshot

Kim Leonard, MPA

Practitioner Coach


Kim is a researcher, evaluator, facilitator, collaborator, and communicator with over 15 years of experience in program evaluation and organizational learning across a variety of contexts, most recently within philanthropy.


As a senior member of the research and learning team at Oregon Community Foundation for almost 10 years, Kim led evaluations of several large, long-term initiatives, working closely with funded organizations, co-funders, and research partners. She also facilitated the Foundation research and learning team’s engagement in the first Equitable Evaluation Initiative practice partner cohort.

As a consultant to foundations, community-based organizations, and evaluation firms, Kim uses evaluation as an entry point to lasting, beneficial human-centered change in organizations and systems. She works collaboratively and especially enjoys building authentic relationships by getting to know the people engaged in any project or program. She wants people to be seen, heard, understood and trusted. She infuses curiosity,  joy, creativity and compassion into her practice so that research, evaluation and learning are rewarding experiences for all involved. 

Being mom to a delightful, sensitive, high-energy daughter deeply influences Kim’s appreciation for the wonderfully messy intersections of our personal and professional lives. Connections between physical movement, being in nature, and emotional well-being are often on her mind as she experiences the world through her daughter’s eyes as well as her own.

Kim has a Masters in Public Administration from Portland State University with an emphasis in social work and social welfare policy.

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