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Yen Chau, PhD

Practice Partner Coach


Yen has twenty years of experience as an evaluator, facilitator, strategist, and critical thought partner. She has partnered with nonprofits, school districts, philanthropic organizations, consulting firms and even the U.S. Army.

Throughout her life, Yen has experienced and felt the uniquely Asian American minority myth. For years she minimized her heritage and used her voice sparingly, even as she repeatedly faced overt and covert racism, xenophobia and misogyny at the intersections of her identity and lived experience. However, with the birth of her daughter, Yen is using her voice, reclaiming her upbringing as an immigrant and refugee and her identity as a Chinese-Vietnamese-American for herself, for her daughter, for her family, and for her community.

Through her consulting firm, NineFold, and her volunteer work, Yen is leveraging her years of professional experience and her personal identity in her unwavering commitment that the Asian American community and all communities that have historically been unseen, unheard and oppressed are empowered to thrive and that strategies, programs and policies are crafted with and driven by them.

Yen has a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Human Development and Family Studies and Demography, however her most valuable learning comes from her family, friends and everything and everyone around that inspires and provokes her.

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