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Dear EEI community & beyond,

It’s spring in the United States, and with the season comes change, growth, expansion.

The original offering of a set of principles and orthodoxies is known among those curious about and connected to the Equitable Evaluation FrameworkTM (EEF). The EEF is grounded primarily in the experience of institutional foundations within the United States from 2019—2023.

During the past four and a half years the Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) engaged with 44 foundations in practice of the EEF. Alongside these foundations, consultants, philanthropic support organizations (PSOs), nonprofits, and public sector agencies contributed to the expanded version of the EEF we offer here.

Today, the EEF includes the following elements:

  • Principles, as foundational guideposts;

  • Orthodoxies to be questioned/challenged;

  • Mindsets, as established set(s) of attitudes to be shifted;

  • Tensions inherent in change processes to be named, navigated, and normalized;

  • Sticking Points, as opportunities to work through obstacles and perceived barriers to progress.

It looks, sounds, and feels different. It evolved. It will continue to do so.

Our heartfelt gratitude to EEI Investment Partners, EEF Practice Partners & Practitioners, Consultant and Nonprofit/Public Sector Pilot Participants, Coaches, and Knowledge Curators.

This is a collective effort rooted in relationship, trust, reciprocity, and respect among humans striving to be more human. EEI’s commitment and intention remains steadfast: to seed a field and sow a practice of EEF practitioners.

We invite you to explore this latest version of the EEF and engage with those in the practice.

Jara Dean-Coffey, MPH, Founder & Director

Marcia Coné, PhD, Director of Practice Engagement + Evolution



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