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We are exploring, co-creating,
and advancing a new frame for

evaluative thinking in philanthropy.

Equitable Evaluation Initiative is committed to:

Two people throw their hands up toward the skies

Expanding evaluative

We embrace new concepts of objectivity, rigor, validity, and complexity.

Hand-drawn path with tree

Seeking shared inquiry

We invite shared exploration of norms, beliefs, and practices.

Hand-drawn folks, having a discussion, while sitting on rocks

Putting the Equitable Evaluation Framework

into practice

Through partnerships, we expand new ways of being, thinking, and doing.

Hand-drawn hummingbird and flowers

Growing a field of EEF practitioners

The practice of the EEF grows within philanthropy and influences shifts in patterns, practices, and people.

Creating a world where we all thrive

Zoomed in on a graphic of a planet

The practice of the EEF works toward a world where the multiple truths of the human experience are valued and valid.

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