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Become a Champion of the Equitable Evaluation Framework

An EEF Champion is EEI’s voice when we are not in rooms (where it happens).


Champions invite EEI to opportunities and put EEI’s name into consideration. They open doors unprompted, and they acknowledge EEF’s contributions to the field and promote it.


Champions take an active role in seeding the field. They use their influence to shift patterns, processes, and people to advance understanding and adoption of EEF. Champions coordinate action in myriad ways for the field to continue to grow—resourcing the endeavor as it emerges and sharing what will nurture it, so we can co-create what is next.

How can you Champion EEF?

Hand-drawn books

Promote EEI & EEF by sharing writings and resources with acknowledgment

Hand-drawn Black hand places paper invitation into mailbox

Invite EEI into spaces (keynotes, presentations, writings)

Hand-drawn folks sitting around a table

Invest in EEI to continue to uphold and support EEF 

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