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Acknowledgement & Attribution

Updated July 31, 2022


Why is this important?


  • The Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) seeks to seed and grow a field of Equitable Evaluation Framework™ (EEF) practitioners. Identity in a field is important.

  • Part of growing a field is creating a common language used by all. Practicing the EEF means we are in partnership and relationship as we advance the EEF as an emerging and recognized practice. 


Why the trademark?


  • First, we want to protect the practice of the EEF™.  EEF trademarking does not in any way limit the HOW of practice but rather makes explicit what that practice should consider and aspire to reflect.

  • EEI is based on the work of a Black woman-led enterprise. While the evaluation field, like the United States, has historically relied on but failed to honor the expertise of Black people, EEI ensures identity is distinct and recognized. 


How to reference?


  • Equitable Evaluation Framework™ (EEF) 

  • EEF™

  • The trademark symbol is used in the first instance/mention (in a document, slide, etc.), not necessary every time.  


Fuller citation for use in papers, etc.:


APA: Dean-Coffey, J. (2017). Equitable Evaluation Framework™. Retrieved from Equitable Evaluation Initiative:


MLA: Dean-Coffey, Jara. "Equitable Evaluation Framework™." 2017. Equitable Evaluation Initiative.


* Coffman, J. (2007a). Undated PowerPoint presentation of advocacy field building. Author’s personal archive. Copy in possession of author.

* The James Irvine Foundation. (2009). The Strong Field Framework.

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