EE Coaching

The Oregon Community Foundation
February 2018 - December 2018

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Coaching and reflection to locate and leverage EE principles in practice.



Working with the Research Department at the The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) allows EE to be explored internally, developing a shared understanding across a team that influences evaluative practice within and beyond the foundation.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

After a kick off call to introduce EE, its principles, and the orthodoxies that may challenge application or require rethinking evaluative practices, Research Department team members are engaging in quarterly coaching calls with Jara Dean-Coffey. The engagement will conclude with a discussion of reflections on and recommendations for continued practice.


In early 2017, Kim Leonard at OCF reached out to Jara-Dean Coffey for contribution to a book she was co-authoring on survey design. Through conversations, EE came up and, given the evolution of equity-focused work at OCF, pursuing equitable evaluation was a natural fit.



"As OCF works to embed equity, diversity, and inclusion more broadly – from grantmaking to donor development to community engagement (see our statement of commitment), the Research Department is exploring the particular opportunities and challenges of embedding EDI in the work we do, and particularly in evaluations of our own efforts. The Equitable Evaluation Initiative principles and orthodoxies give us a framework for not only figuring out how to do our work better, but for getting real about how our efforts have positively or negatively impacted EDI to date. We hope to make tangible, meaningful changes to our work that will benefit both the Foundation itself and ultimately our community partners around the state."

- Kim Leonard, Senior Research Officer, OCF

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