Practice Partners


Practice Partners are those institutions, individuals, and efforts who are engaged in making the case or equipping for transformation efforts to support adoption of EE.

We are currently building out our Practice Partner platform which will provide opportunities to learn together and invite those that are interested to make a formal commitment to advancing EE principles. This list will be updated to reflect those commitments later this year. In the meantime, these are individuals and institutions that have participated in EE learning sessions in 2017-2018 and have verbally committed to advancing EE.


Anna Cruz, The Kresge Foundation, Strategic Learning and Evaluation Officer,

Chera Reid, The Kresge Foundation, Director, Strategic Learning, Research,  and Evaluation,

Cheryl Kelly, Kaiser Permanente, Institute for Health Research, Evaluation Investigator,

Christine Velez, The Evaluation Center, University of Colorado Denver, Senior Evaluation Specialist,

Courtney Ricci, The Colorado Trust, Head of Evaluation & Learning for Community Change,

Crystal Li, Living Cities, Associate,

Elena Harman, Vantage Evaluation, CEO,

Felisa Gonzales, The Colorado Trust, Research, Evaluation and Strategic Learning Manager,

Grace Honce, Kavod Senior Life, Data and Evaluation Specialist,

Hanh Cao Yu, The California Endowment, email coming

Jamie Melissa Wilms, Denver Firefighters Museum, Executive Director & Chief Curator,

JaNay Queen Nazaire, Living Cities, Managing Director for Performance and Results,

Jennifer Esala, The Evaluation Center, University of Colorado Denver, Senior Evaluator,

Jessica Mindnich, The San Francisco Foundation, Director of Strategic Learning and Evaluation,

Kantanyahee Murray, Annie E. Casey Foundation,

Kelci Price, Colorado Health Foundation,

Kim Leonard, The Oregon Community Foundation,

Kristine Andrews, Child Trends,

Kristy Klein Davis, The Missouri Foundation for Health, Vice President of Strategy and Learning, email coming

Lisa Ranghelli, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Senior Director of Assessment and Special Projects,

Marc Holly, Walton Family Foundation,

Marisa Allen, Kaiser Permanente, Institute for Health Research, Evaluator,

Maya Sandifor, Philanthropy Northwest,

Miriam Estrada, University of Denver, Butler Institute for Families, Research Coordinator,

Nadege Souvenir, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations,

Nadine Long, Kansas Community Foundation,

Nancy Csuti, The Colorado Trust, VP of Research, Evaluation & Strategic Learning,

Noe Ruben Chavez, City of Hope (Comprehensive Cancer Center), Postdoctoral Research Fellow,

Paige Backlund Jarquin, Colorado Health Institute, Senior Program Manager,

Rachael Kenney, Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Science Specialist,

Rebecca Sutherland, New Leaders, Director, Research Management,

Sue Sing Lim, Kansas Research and Extension - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP-Ed Evaluation Specialist,

Susan Shebby, McREL International, Managing Evaluator,

Trilby Smith, Vancouver Foundation,

Yen Chau, Colorado Health Foundation, Sr. Learning and Evaluaiton Officer,