Practice Partners


Practice Partners are those institutions, individuals, and efforts who are engaged in making the case or equipping for transformation efforts to support adoption of EE.

We are currently building out our Practice Partner platform, which will provide opportunities to learn together and invite those WHO are interested to make a formal commitment to advancing EE principles.

In July 2019, we welcomed Marcia Coné as the Director of Practice Engagement and Evolution.

With her on board, we are now turning our attention to understanding the current Practice Partner universe - themes, challenges, opportunities, progress, practices, and resources.

By better understanding what our field is up to, we can better serve, connect, offer insights, and provide support. Through interviews that we are conducting until the end of the year, we are learning and designing the framework that will define what it means to be a Practice Partner.

We are thrilled to be at this point in our collective journey. To stay up to date on how Practice Partnerships are evolving, subscribe to our newsletter.