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[intro “work with us” language”: logistical information (like the fact that all positions are remote) as well as work culture information to set the tone for the type of team we are looking to build, regardless of role.]

NOW HIRING: Director of Practice Engagement and Evolution

Publicly launched in fall 2018, The Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) is aimed at shifting the evaluation paradigm so that it becomes a tool for and of equity.

As the number of foundations and nonprofits naming equity or racial equity as their strategic end continues to grow, they must use every asset, including evaluation, in service of that aim. EEI engages an ecosystem of organizations and people—foundations, nonprofits, and evaluators and consultants—who are centering equity in their work and who understand that this has implications for evaluative practice. Its infrastructure is designed to develop and disseminate EE principles to be put into practice, promote shared inquiry and learning, catalyze cross-sector thought leadership, and contribute to field-building across the ecosystem.

At the heart of the EEI is co-creation, collaboration and partnerships.

The Director of Practice Engagement and Evolution (“Director”) will lead and manage the platform for Practice Partners—those individuals, institutions, and efforts exploring equitable evaluation in practice to support adoption of EE. This platform includes the keystone programs of peer-to-peer and ecosystem Collaboratories, Teaching Cases, orienting and connecting consultants, and co-crafting emerging EE resources for field-wide use. The Director – in close collaboration with the Initiative Director – will help design and support these activities to service the primary goals of the Practice Partner platform: providing multiple spaces and modalities to help partners interrogate and evolve their evaluation practices, determine how/if they align with EE principles, identify next steps, and provide strategic tools and resources to advance their work. This work will also promote cross-sectoral learning and build a robust and connected community of practitioners dedicated to advancing EE.

The Director of Practice Engagement and Evolution will also work closely with the EEI’s Initiative Director to provide strategic input to the Initiative’s strategy and tactics, seek synergies and opportunities with Investment Partners and Field Partners, and support strategic communications efforts to advance the EEI.

A new position for EEI, the Director’s strategic and management responsibilities will grow in tandem with the impact of EEI across the field. This position is designed as contract-to-hire. Potential for the role to be salaried will be assessed in year two.

Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding and appreciation for evaluative practice, measurement, and learning, and how they drive decision-making.

An understanding of current evaluation concepts, frameworks, and theories is strongly preferred, but formal education or training in evaluation practice and research is not required. (Note: the EEI does not design and execute evaluations). They will have significant experience in facilitating convenings and trainings across issues and sectors and the development of learning materials and/or publications associated with those collaborations. It is important to note, this is not a DEI officer or consultant, although candidates will need an understanding of how change happens and understands how racism and bias impacts everything we do Impeccable communication, facilitation, speaking, writing, and analytical skills are of the utmost importance, as is a healthy sense of humor.

Talent Citizen, an executive search firm focused on the pursuit of positive social impact, is leaning in with the Equitable Evaluation Initiative as an Investment Partner. We are working together to identify and engage candidates for this critical recruitment. Nominations and applications (resume & cover) should be directed to