Peer Learning Exchange

May 2018

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What should be the role of evaluation in environmental justice grantmaking?



“Birds of a Feather” peer learning experiences have proven to be meaningful and effective ways of advancing knowledge and practice. The InDEEP initiative, designed by KHA takes a practical and applied approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion in environmental philanthropy.

Participants are a network of foundation staff, including senior leaders, reflecting both broad and deep experience and influence with their institution and the philanthropic landscape related to environmental justice.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

During a 3-hour session, InDEEP participants: reflected on recent papers related to evaluation which lifted up orthodoxies and (white racial) framing, were introduced to the principles of equitable evaluation, and workshopped ideas for how they could advance EE within current evaluation work.

The session ended with requests for additional opportunities to tap into the wisdom and creativity of peers to identify additional ways to advance EE and to share back learnings.


Dr. Keecha Harris and Jara Dean-Coffey met as part of the inaugural Annie E. Casey Foundation LEEAD mentors in 2017. At that time, both InDEEP and the EE Project were in the early stages. There were clear and important synergies and they partnered to bring these two bodies of work together.



"Equitable evaluation is a much-needed evolution in the evaluation field. It challenges traditional orthodoxies and recognizes the power of evaluation to not just understand what we’re doing, but to be a key driver towards realizing the diversity, equity, and inclusion we seek for ourselves and our partners."  

- Gretchen Shanks, consultant and evaluation lead for InDEEP