Retreat Discussion

Walton Family Foundation
April 2018

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How can equitable evaluation inform the Walton SLED team?



Internal learning and evaluation departments within philanthropy can hold great influence on what foundations and those funded value and hold as credible evidence. This was an exciting opportunity to be in conversation with the Strategic Learning and Evaluation Department (SLED) along with key program staff and the Executive Director during a time when the foundation is reflecting on a variety of practices and strategic aims.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

As part of an annual retreat, the SLED team requested an opportunity to explore equitable evaluation. This session was co-crafted to create a shared understanding of the evolution of evaluation and its practice in philanthropy and to introduce equitable evaluation. The team reflected on their own beliefs and practices and explored areas of interest and possibility with respect to advancing EE. The SLED team is currently contemplating what is next.


Marc Holley, SLED's Director, approached the EE Team shortly after the work became public in late Spring 2017, wanting to be among the first to explore the ways in which additional attention to equity might shift current evaluative practices.



"Our initial conversation on equitable evaluation provided an excellent opportunity for our team to reflect on our current practice in response to the orthodoxy framework and to continue to think about how we might bring more of an equity focus into our work.”

- Marc Holley, Director, SLED

Emerging learning