Panel Discussion

Connecticut Council of Philanthropy
May 2018

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Rethinking Foundation Practices Around Evaluation



Philanthropy Serving Organizations (PSOs) have a unique and powerful place in the philanthropy landscape. The Connecticut Council on Philanthropy (CCP) is exploring how to bring EE not only to the CCP but to its members as an important strategy.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

The CCP along with other PSOs (currently, PNY, PSW, NCG and ABAG)  as well as United Philanthropy Forum is exploring a national strategy to bring EE to themselves as well as their members. This initial brainstorming conversation will happen the last day of the Forum Conference in July 2018.


Karla Fortunato, CCP President, heard about the early EE work at the United Philanthropy Forum Conference last year and was intrigued. As the program came together for the Connecticut Council’s “Disruptive Leadership: Inspiring Strategies for Social Change”  2018 conference she thought it was a great opportunity to bring EE to Connecticut. Dr. Teri Behrens sat on the Rethinking Foundation Practices Around Evaluation representing EE.



“I’m hoping to pique interest among my members in adopting practices and policies across their foundations to better advance equity at their organizations. I feel like evaluation is a really important place to focus."

- Karla Furtunato, President