Institutional Strategy

Missouri Foundation for Health
May - October 2018

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Situating equitable evaluation within strategy allows it to have its greatest influence. Foundations with roles that transcend the traditional silos are well positioned to integrate equity wholeheartedly.



MFH’s Strategy & Learning area is responsible for guiding the organization’s strategic planning, learning, evaluation, and research processes and projects. Within that work they continue to seek ways to operationalize and bring intentionality around the Foundation’s Core Values of commitment, equity, humility, and integrity. Bringing EE to the mix was a natural next step.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

The EEI Team spent a few days at MFH learning more about its culture, people and the ways in which values and intentions were manifesting in strategy and evaluative work. This included an overview by MFH of its current strategy and evaluation framework as well as all existing evaluative efforts. The EEI Team offered reflections and points of entry where the EE principles can be brought in to practice. Currently, MFH and the EEI Team are charting next steps.


Jara and Kristy Klein Davis, VP Strategy & Learning met through Dr Chera Reid at a conference in 2017. Conversations and emails were exchanged over the months. Given the clear alignment, an invitation was extended to the EEI Team to explore not if but how EE can be integrated into MFH’s strategy and learning frameworks and practice.



“The EE principles and orthodoxies have given MFH a framework for furthering our commitment to equity. By incorporating the principles into our strategy and evaluation framework, we have become more intentional in our thinking about how equity shows up in each area of our work and how we ensure that the questions we ask are aligned with our mission and in service to our values of equity, humility, integrity, and commitment.”

-Kristy Klein Davis, VP of Strategy and Learning, MFH

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