Curriculum Development & Piloting

Philanthropy New York
July 2018 - July 2020

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Advancing equity by shifting foundation evaluation practices.



What would happen if there was a shared and concerted effort to integrate evaluative practice with the principles of equitable evaluation?  What if program officers and other leaders in philanthropy began their evaluative plans with a built in “pause button” at every stage in the planning to consider equity principles? PNY is seizing an opportunity to explore this and how, as a Philanthropy Serving Organization, it can amplify this approach among its members.   

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

PNY has crafted a three part introductory evaluation series for its member foundations.  The curriculum, which considers questions of equity at every stage of evaluation planning and execution, will launch with a small cohort of members in Spring 2019.  Learnings from the pilot will inform the next iteration of the curriculum. PNY is working with colleagues throughout the Forum network to determine how the curriculum could be adapted to reach different membership audiences in other geographies around the nation.

A concept paper is underway to outline a process for adapting the curriculum. Investment Partners for this effort are being sought. Interested parties should reach out to PNY directly.


In May of 2018, Kathryn O’Neal-Dunham, COO, approached the EEI Team about a developing evaluation 101 curriculum in which they wanted to infuse EE.  This evolved in to a conversation at Forum 2018 with representatives from NCG, PNW, PSW, ABAG, CT Council for Philanthropy and the Forum around how the PNY curriculum could serve as the starting place for a curriculum to be used by all interested PSOs.

We continue to meet to explore what’s next and have added GEO to this burgeoning national collaboration.



“Introducing EE in the form of a basic evaluation curriculum is an opportunity to make equity a part of the conversation from the beginning.  It’s not an add on or an add in. We simply make equity part of the practice funders are developing.”

-Kathryn O’Neal Dunham, COO, PNY

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