Culture & Context Assessment

Vancouver Foundation
July - December 2018

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How do the principles of equitable evaluation translate to the BC context?



The development of a new youth focused initiative, LEVEL created an opportunity for the foundation to explore how EE might advance its goals and build upon the success and learnings of its previous youth focused initiatives.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

Context and culture matter. The EEI Team was invited to attend the Youth Funders Summitt for both to learn more about each other and to see if there was a place for EE in the Foundation and/or among its partners. The work of the EEI has informed the early development of the learning and evaluation framework for the LEVEL youth initiative.

The Foundation and EEI are now exploring what next.


Trilby Smith, Director of Learning and Evaluation was in SF for a Left Coast Evaluators meeting in fall 2017. She reached out to EEI Team member Jara Dean-Coffey and they connected for lunch. Tweets and conversations continued until Summer 2018.



“Evaluation and learning are in service to racial equity. Naming this, and holding it up as a principle is clarifying and exciting. The alignment between the work of the EEI and the work that we are doing at the Foundation is energizing and pushing us to think hard and challenge ourselves to develop new and equitable models to support evaluation in partnership with young people and our grantees.”

- Trilby Smith, Director Learning and Evaluation and Vi Nguyen, Director Youth Engagement

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