Capacity Building Sessions

Grantmakers of Oregon and Southern Washington
May - June 2018

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Equitable Evaluation learning sessions spark ideas and build momentum



Philanthropy uses data collection and evaluation to better understand the impact of investments and to identify promising and best practices to address issues. But emerging thinking about current “traditional” evaluative practices suggests that foundations and nonprofits are inadvertently perpetuating practices that are contrary to their strategic aims and organizational values. In this session we confronted barriers to effective practice and lifted up supports to build a more intentional, effective, and equitable practice.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

We designed and facilitated learning sessions to review the concepts of evaluative thinking and equitable evaluation. Participants learned about evaluative thinking and equitable evaluation and reflected upon their current organizational practices and the field at large. We then explored an emerging set of theories/practices which challenge evaluative thinking and equitable evaluation and each participant identified an action they could take immediately to advance equitable evaluation.


Grantmakers for Oregon and Southern Washington along with Meyer Memorial Trust (who was interviewed as part of the EE Project) reached out to see if EEI would be willing to share our current work re: EE and foundations as well  as nonprofits. We said yes.



“The EE team is leading funders away from simply talking about equity to finding pathways to action. This is not a “lens”, this is real movement.”

-Julia Willis, Program Manager, GOSW

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