Field Partners


Individuals/institutions/efforts leveraging their visibility, credibility, and resources to advance the case for study, learning, and practice of equitable evaluation within their spheres of influence.

Would you like to partner with the EEI? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.


center for evaluation innovation (CEI)

CEI serves as a thought partner and field amplifier for the EEI. It collaborates on building equitable evaluation demand and capacity among evaluation leaders working in philanthropy.


grantmakers for effective organizations (GEO)

GEO and the EEI have developed a formal partnership to collaboratively advance the goals of the EEI in support of GEO's investment in centering equity across its work.  


Johnson center for philanthropy

As one of the foremost experts in grantmaking, JCP helps ensure that ee is shared through professional development and capacity building for foundations and non-profits.



The EE Project was initially incubated by the Luminare Group and the EEI is temporarily hosted here. By early 2019, the EEI will have a new home. Key thought leaders of the Luminare team will continue to play contributing roles to support the success of EEI.