Field Partners


Individuals/institutions/efforts leveraging their visibility, credibility, and resources to advance the case for study, learning, and practice of equitable evaluation within their spheres of influence.

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Associations Advancing Equitable Evaluation Practices

Associations Advancing Equitable Evaluation Practices (AAEEP) represents a collaboration of Philanthropy Serving Organizations who self-organized to make a public commitment to advance EE principles through their institutions and the foundations they serve. They will offer EEI specific information in their programs, create EEI specific sections on their website, and proactively share EEI resources through their respective communication channels. 


center for evaluation innovation (CEI)

CEI is a thought partner and field amplifier for the EEI. CEI collaborates on building equitable evaluation demand and capacity among evaluation and learning leaders working in philanthropy. CEI also collects data on equitable evaluation practice through its benchmarking research with foundations, and works to ensure participants in the Evaluation Roundtable network are also participants in the EEI. CEI is committed to improving its own equitable evaluation practice in both its field-building work and evaluation practice, and to sharing what that journey looks like.


grantmakers for effective organizations (GEO)

GEO and the EEI have developed a formal partnership to collaboratively advance the goals of the EEI in support of GEO's investment in centering equity across its work. This includes highlighting EE as a Plenary session at its 2019 Learning Conference, Co-hosting EEI’s first teaching case with Kresge in September 2019 and producing an EE primer publication for its community in early 2020.


Johnson center for philanthropy

As one of the foremost experts in grantmaking, JCP helps ensure that EE is shared through professional development and capacity building for foundations and nonprofits. JCP will incorporate EE principles and emerging learning into its coursework as well as design and deliver at least two professional development opportunities annually.