Professional Development Offering

Johnson Center Grantmaking Series
April 2018

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Equitable evaluation as part of a commitment to the impact of philanthropy.



Philanthropy Serving Organizations (PSOs) have a unique and powerful place in the philanthropy landscape. The Council of Michigan is one of the largest, most active, and effective. Exploring how to bring EE to the Council and its members is an important strategy.

This full-day workshop brought together close to twenty grantmakers from foundations both large and small to focus on equitable evaluation practices.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? what is happening?

Grantmakers and philanthropic professionals explored key issues, insights, and principles for bringing an equity lens to their evaluation processes. The training provided a typology of how philanthropy is addressing equity, a quick history of evaluation in philanthropy, principles of equitable evaluation, and evaluation orthodoxies. We also focused on how to overcome the orthodoxies in order to have more equitable evaluation practices.


The Johnson Center for Philanthropy is a founding partner and champion of the EE Project. It was natural that they include a session in their Council of Michigan-Johnson Center Grantmaking Series.



“This is a topic that every foundation needs to start thinking about, especially if they care about equity.”

“I felt validated and I felt more ready to shift the paradigm at my organization.”


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