we connect organizations with EE support

We connect organizations with practitioners who are interested in working with them to advance EE if they don’t already have a partner who can readily do so.  The following are self-identified consultant practitioners who have demonstrated a commitment to EE principles and expressed a desire to be in partnership with a client willing to integrate EE in to their practice and institution.

Please reach out directly to those on this list.

Amy Engelman, Intentional Impact, Founding Principal,

Andrea Beesley, IMPAQ International, LLC, Managing Director and Principal Research Associate,

Andrea Nelson Trice, Sagamore Institute, Senior Fellow,

Cassandra O'Neill, Affiliation Leadership Alchemy LLC, CEO,

Chikako Yamauchi, Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow, Evaluator,

Clare Nolan, Engage R+D, Co-Founder,

Debbie Gowensmith, Groundswell Services/University of Denver, Vice President of PhD Sutdent & Adjunct Faculty,

Deepti Sood, TCC Group, Senior Consultant,

Elena Harman, Vantage Evaluation, CEO,

Emily Klukas, TCC Group, Affiliate Consultant,

Emily Murillo, OMNI Institute, Senior Researcher,

Gita Gulati-Partee, OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Founder & Principal,

Jared Raynor, TCC Group, Director of Evaluation,

Jeanette Joyce, Marzano Research, Researcher,

Jennifer Burrell, MadX LLC (Research, Evaluation, and Professional Editing Firm), Managing Director,

Jennifer Li Shen, Blue Garnet, Co-Founder & Senior Partner,

Jill Iman, Joining Vision and Action, Co-Managing Director and Director of Research and Evaluation,

Kate Locke, TCC Group, Associate Director, Evaluation,

Katie Gelman, OMNI Institute, Director of Public and Behavioral Health,

Kerry Englert, Seneca Consulting, President,

Kristi Jackson, Queri, Inc., President,

Kristin Lacy, Spark Policy Institute/Colorado Evaluation Network, Researcher,

Laura Pinsoneault, Spark Policy Institute, Director of Evaluation,

Laura Sundstrom, Vantage Evaluation, Evaluator,

Lauren Gase, Spark Policy Institute, Senior Researcher,

Lisa Frantzen, TCC Group, Senior Evaluaiton Consultant,

Lisa Korwin, Korwin Consulting, Principal,

Margaret Schultz Patel, Schultz Patel Evaluation, Principal,

Maria Jackson, Kresge Foundation,

Morgan Valley, Vantage Evaluation, Evaluator,

Paola Molina, OMNI Institute, Senior Researcher,

Rebecca Ochtera, Spark Policy Institute, Associate Director,

Ruth Masterson, Masterson Consulting, Lead Advisor,

Seema Shah, COMM|VEDA Consulting LLC, Founder/Principal,

Sharmila Rao Thakkar, SRT Advising & Consulting, LLC, Principal (Advisor/Coach/Consultant),

Silvia Solis, Joining Vision and Action, Research and Evaluation Associate,

Sonia Taddy-Sandino, Engage R+D, Co-founder,

Steven LaFrance, Learning for Action, Founder and CEO,




Coming in 2019

Are you an evaluator/consultant who is pursuing EE principles? Do you wish to be connected to organizations using EE in pursuit of their mission?

In 2019, we will be launching a strategy to support connections between those who deliver and those who use evaluation and want to do so using the EE framework. 

This will be organized in the context of a number of other field-wide initiatives that are engaged in equity and/or evaluative work including: National Network for Consultants to Grantmakers DEI Initiative, Equity in the Center, ChangePhilanthropy, and the Evaluator and Funder Affinity Network


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