Taking action through radical listening

“Talk business, make your pitches… but if we can kind of put that game aside to really connect with each other on a very personal level, that’s actually what decolonisation is. It’s actually just radical listening.”

Shortly after sending out last month’s newsletter where we invited you to take action, we came across the above quote by Edgar Villanueva from the Skoll World Forum. His words got us thinking about what co-creation looks like and how we might begin to practice it as we collectively build EEI.

While not obvious, the actions that can have the biggest impact when it comes to shifting paradigms and creating systemic change are not the lofty, loud actions that may immediately come to mind. One of the greatest ways we can begin to take action is through dialogue and the act of radical listening.

Action isn’t only about creating something. It’s not always about the capitalistic urge to put something new into the world. Sometimes, the loudest action is stillness. Sometimes, it’s engaging in conversation and being willing to rumble with discomfort.  

This month, we encourage you to get into dialogue with your peers and engage in the act of radical listening.What tensions, opportunities, and reframed narratives arise in your conversations?

What comes up in the stillness?

One way to connect with others who are passionate about taking action is through using the #equitableeval hashtag on Twitter and LinkedIn. We’d love to share with our community what you learn from connecting with those in the field who also seek for evaluation to be used as a tool for and of equity.