You are invited to co-create EEI with us

Take the first step

When we set out to shift from a project to an initiative, we cast the metaphorical net to capture the attention of those working in and with philanthropy. It has been a pleasant surprise to have folks from academia, research firms, and nonprofits reach out wanting to find ways to get involved from almost day one of our launch.

EEI is a space co-created by those who have an interest in taking meaningful action to see evaluation used as a tool that can promote equity. 

So to everyone who has reached out, retweeted, and joined our monthly communication - welcome! We’re excited you’re here. 

Now, let’s do something. EEI is not one person, it is all of us who have placed equity as core to our work, working together to shift the existing paradigms. This is your invitation to get started and take action. 

This is your invitation to get started and take action. 

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some questions to ponder: 

  • What’s your sphere of influence [to advance EE]? 

  • Who do you want to invite to be on this journey with you? (this applies internally and externally) 

  • What invite do you want to extend and how can we support that?

If you’re curious about how others are committed to advancing EE in their practice and in their field, we’ve published new emerging learning’s from different perspectives to our blog this month:

As always, thank you for engaging, learning, and creating alongside us.