Conversations, Learnings, and More: Praxis in Play | March 2019 Round-up

Thinking about how to design and host spaces for people to have conversations, particularly when they are in competition with one another, is always on our mind.

This dynamic is alive when working with evaluation consultant partners. Although we don’t subscribe to a scarcity mindset, the reality is certain groups are competing for the resources of time, money, and influence. 

If we’re going to change certain aspects of this reality, we have to first name this reality. It’s not about ignoring the elephant in the room, but instead about making the elephant smaller, and maybe even inviting it to the table. What are we willing to share in service to lifting the entire field? Our conversations to date tell us there is a great generosity of spirit and an excitement to learn and work together collaboratively.

We seek to nourish this.

We’re excited to welcome a new Director of Practice Engagement and Evolution to the team, a role for which we are in active recruitment, to lead the intentional design of spaces for us to practice together. As a member of our core team, the DPE&E will co-create a platform with our Practice Partners to deepen understanding, shift practice, and build community and energy around EE. We cannot wait until they get here! 

Our blog continues to be where learnings from across our partners are shared. This month, we have the third and final installment from Vantage Evaluation (What Counts as Valid? Using our power and privilege to reframe vigor) and the next two installments in the emerging learning series from TCC Group (Part 2: Equity As A Capacity and Part 3: Equity As An Afterthought). We also featured a guest post from the McKnight Foundation (How Diverse Sources of Facts and Knowledge Inform Our Learning).

We wish everyone a great start to the spring. As always, don’t hesitate to connect with us

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