Welcome to the Equitable Evaluation Initiative

EEI final logo-75.png

It’s official - we are now a five-year initiative committed to advancing the principles of equitable evaluation. It has a been a busy spring and summer as we designed our new strategy, translated that into a virtual platform, and sought new partnerships to reflect the vision for the Initiative. We’re excited to share a few big updates.

A New Website

If you’re reading this blog, then you likely  have seen our new website. We invite you to look around and see how you might want to get involved. There are many ways to partner with the Initiative, be it as an investment partner, practice partner, or a field partner.

As of September 2018, there have been 16 equitable evaluation projects, and seven on deck, ranging from introductory engagements to deeper dives and teaching cases. This is a testament to your interest and commitment and we applaud each of you who have stepped up so quickly and deeply.

A New Home

The Seattle Foundation will be the EEI’s fiscal agent and institutional home. We could not be happier. Early on, the Pacific Northwest expressed an interest in equitable evaluation through partnerships and discussions with Oregon Community Foundation, Philanthropy Northwest, Meyer Memorial Trust and Grantmakers for Oregon and Southern Washington. During the project phase, Luminare Group incubated the work, but as a field-wide initiative, we sought a home that would reinforce the commitment to shared leadership, field focus and engagement, and a desire to move practice in a way that is transformative and rooted beyond a single entity. Being at the Foundation seems natural.

Building our Team

For the Initiative to advance its vision, it needs more hands on deck. Talent Citizen, an executive search firm with a strong understanding of our work and in the space we play reached out to affirm our intentions and offer to support. They have generously signed on as an Investment Partner as well. Watch this space, as we will be sharing a call for talent soon.

Building Investment Partners

We are heartened and inspired by our founding Investment Partners (The California Endowment, Ford Foundation, Kresge Foundation, WK Kellogg Foundation). By moving to fiscal sponsorship we are able to expand our network of Investment Partners and are appreciative of those of you who have responded with interest.

We welcome others! Please get in touch if you have partnership recommendations or if you would like to partner with us.