EE is Getting Around


It is affirming and exciting to see who is self identifying with the emerging EE principles and exploring what is next. In the future the voices and experiences of these early adopters/curious folks will be part of our communications but for now here is where we have been and who has been in the “room:”

LeftCoast Evaluators, San Francisco (3/26) - 30+ evaluation staff from foundations with a presence on the west coast heard about the opportunity EE offers.

  • NNCG Webinar (3/27) - 50+ consultants from across the country participated in a 1-hour webinar as part of the DEI Webinar series.

  • Colorado Webinar (3/30) - Sponsored by the Colorado Trust and the Colorado Health Foundation and as part of professional development offered by COEN (the AEA regional), 125+ consultants/evaluators from non profits, foundations, research and independent firms participated in a webinar on EE. It was the first step in a longer term engagement including 2 design labs for evaluators to identify how they will evolve practice over the summer to advance EE principles.

  • Walton Family Foundation, Strategic Learning and Evaluation Department (SLED) Exploratory Session (4/3) - As part of staff retreat, SLED spent a few hours learning about EE including its origins, findings from the EE Project and reflection on the EE principles and orthodoxies.