Seattle Foundation is now the fiscal home of EEI

We are happy to announce that the Seattle Foundation is officially the fiscal home of the Equitable Evaluation Initiative.

EEI began as a project incubated within Luminare Group. In response to the interest in the field, we have evolved into a five-year initiative, which has brought us to Seattle Foundation. This gives

EEI a home that invites independent voices and a platform to shift evaluative practice. Seattle Foundation is excited to be a part of this growing, field-based effort to reimagine evaluative practices so they reflect equity and 21st definitions of rigor and validity. In addition to serving as fiscal sponsor, Seattle Foundation is an Investment Partner and has awarded a grant to EEI.

Seattle Foundation and EEI believe that it’s important for national and place-based funders, their non profit partners, and communities to convene and engage in conversations about practices to evolve and advance philanthropy.

Seattle Foundation’s mission is to ignite powerful, rewarding philanthropy to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. One of the largest community foundations in the country, it focuses on creating equity and opportunity and strengthening the impact of philanthropy in the community.

The Foundation’s Community Programs team cultivates and amplifies the voices of high priority communities as a way to change the systems that contribute to the inequities they experience. This approach leads to greater and more equitable access to opportunity, produces better outcomes for those who have been left behind and strengthens the community as a whole.

The partnership with EEI is an important evolution in the Foundation’s work to ensure that equity is embedded in evaluation practices. We are excited about this partnership and will work together to build a learning community, and expand the national dialogue around this work.