EEI and GEO Deepen Partnership to Advance Practice

The Field Partnership between the Equitable Evaluation Initiative and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) continues to deepen.

GEO has long been a leader and convener for philanthropy to identify, explore and evolve its relationship to learning and evaluation. At GEO’s 2017 Learning Conference and 2018 National Conference, the EE project hosted fully booked sessions, demonstrating a high interest and appetite of members to grapple with if and how evaluation can reflect and advance equity. This interest reflects what GEO learned in a 2017 national study of philanthropic practice: More than four in five grantmakers consider diversity, equity and inclusion in their work, yet many struggle to put their commitments into practice. Together, EEI and GEO have created a timely strategic partnership to support our aligned goals.

Over the course of 2019, GEO and EEI will co-produce a publication on equitable evaluation with the goal to introduce EE to a wider set of GEO members. And for those who are already familiar or exploring EE within their organizations, GEO, EEI and the Kresge Foundation will be hosting a 1-2 day teaching case to do a deeper dive. Stay tuned - more on both of these will be shared in coming months.

EEI is honored to work with a number of Field Partners with aligned vision willing to leverage their visibility, credibility, and resources to advance the case for study, learning, and practice of equitable evaluation within their spheres of influence. In return, EEI offers its evolving resources, opportunities to co-learn, and amplifies Partners’ shared goals. If your organization is interested in becoming a Field Partner, please get in touch.