CREA 2017 - Evaluation and the Framing of Race


If you don’t know about CREA, you should. The Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment conference hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is where you go when you want to center evaluation and assessment in culture and context. EE team members have never missed a conference and the next one is September 27-29 in Chicago, IL.

This year Ernest R. House, PhD will be speaking to and about his paper “Evaluation and the Framing of Race.” It’s a thought provoking and personally revelatory piece that explains how racial framing influences evaluation practice.

Additionally the 3rd American Evaluation Association Race and Class Dialogue will take place during the conference. This series hosted by AEA is a series of national dialogues designed to reflect and promote positive actions on the deeply rooted, and structurally intertwined issues behind the headlines that propel racial, ethnic, and class disparities in our society.