EE Inaugural Roundtable - 30+ Gathered on August 1st


On August 1st, 30+ learning and evaluation staff from foundations and consultants from across the country came together in Detroit at The Johnson Center to explore three paradigm shifting questions:

  1. How can our evaluation mindset and practices better reflect and advance the principles and values of equity?

  2. What does it take for foundations to build their organizational capacity, will, and wherewithal to engage in equitable evaluation?

  3. What can we do at a field level to ensure that more evaluators are prepared to practice equitable evaluation?

Starting with reviewing the 3 Equitable Evaluation Principles and unpacking the 9 Orthodoxies we quickly moved to naming additional orthodoxies before we shifted to identifying strategies to undo habits preventing equitable evaluation. The group was engaged and eager to begin to move practice forward in their own foundations/places of work as well as how to elevate this conversation in philanthropy more broadly.

See our working documents: