Forum 2017 - EE in the House


The EE Team was invited as a guest discussant for “Inside Out: Doing Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Work Internally” session moderated by Edward Jones from ABFE and focusing on the research by Putnam Consulting Group (see full paper or brief).  

A key finding was that foundations are interrogating the ways in which equity is influencing practice, internally and externally. However, as Jara Dean-Coffey shared with the audience both the “The Road to Achieving Equity: Findings and Lessons from a Field Scan of Foundations That Are Embracing Equity and the EE Project Framing Paper” revealed that “ few if any are looking at the ways in which equity is influencing the framing, purpose and practice of evaluation.”  The audience reaction was primarily that of unrealized opportunity which suggests there is a readiness and willingness to deepen this work.

See the Agenda here.