Equitable Evaluation and Creative Measurement


In Fall 2017, the Creative Measurement Lab (CML) pilot at Arizona State University launched. At the request of Dr. Maria R Jackson who leads the CML, Dr. Chera Reid of The Kresge Foundation provided an overview of Equitable Evaluation.

The CML Summit hosted a wide variety of participants -- national institutions, researchers, students, local community development organizations, and community organizers interested in comprehensive place-based strategies in vulnerable communities. A participant shared “I believe it gave a really important framing to something we were all hungry for, and contributed to a space in which folks were not only getting creative about the ways we might measure community expression of things like agency, narrative of place, social cohesion, etc., but also about the ways we might creatively and productively turn our gaze on systems and institutions that impact community planning and development.”

These are exactly the types of opportunities and experiences we want to hear about and influence. We look forward to learning from ASU.