Finding our Tribe


In September, the EE Team got around. We spread the word about equitable evaluation in multiple venues all of which were primarily focused on philanthropic practice and purpose. In general, people were intrigued, inspired, and interested in learning more and curious about how to seed the conversation in their organizations. We think we might be onto something.

Here is a quick overview:

New Grantmakers Institute - Introduced EE to a group of 70+ new grantmakers as one of the big ideas influencing strategy and evaluation in foundations.

Unity Summit  - Attended by primarily philanthropic serving organizations and their funding partners, EE was introduced as part of a panel on how consultants can support DEI efforts.

Kresge Foundation - We had the opportunity to introduce EE to the Program Team as a part of a launch of a larger effort with Kresge around this work. More on that in a later post.