Race and Evaluation - A Difficult Conversation


We have been to CREA since its inaugural convening in 2013. We attend because it has been a place where we evaluation is situated within context and culture. There is vibrant and honest conversation about colonialism, imperialism and how that has affected people, communities, systems and countries. Values are front and center.  

The draw for us this year was Dr. Ernie House whose paper Evaluation and The Framing of Race in AJE earlier this year was a provocative contribution to the conversation about race and evaluation. If you have not read it yet, do so. This conversation is in its early stages and will continue at this year’s American Evaluation Association annual conference, “Continuing the Dialogue Evaluation’s Call to Action, 21st Century Perspectives in Addressing Race.”* Our team member Jara Dean-Coffey will be on that panel.

This is all new territory. It will take time and patience to get it right but at least efforts are being made to bring it to the forefront.

* To see the panel abstract, you'll need to use the search function. For example, type "Race" into the Title area, or "Jara" into the Presenter area.